102.3 HFM

102.3 HFM

102.3 HFM

We’re proud to be local and in touch with what’s going on across Market Harboro
ugh, South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire.

We broadcast from Market Harborough 24 hours a day, with live programmes from 7am until midnight daily.

Our local news service is second to none, with our aim being if it’s going on locally it’ll be on HFM!

Our music ranges from the 1960s to the present day.

During day-time hours you’ll hear this mix of music and then from 10pm specialist shows, playing everything from country to rock music, can be heard.

HFM has built up much support throughout the population of South Leicestershire and North Northamptonshire, not only through being on air, but also by offering our services to local events such as school fetes, open air concerts, and of course hosting the Market Harborough annual Carnival since 1995.

As our strapline says, we are Proud to Be Local and Loving Life in Harborough.  We’re passionate about this area and delighted to support local events.  This has been demonstrated with our backing of the Eva Winston-Hart charity appeal.

HFM is run, staffed and engineered almost entirely by a band of talented volunteers who all give up their free time to make HFM the success it is.