Top radio station JPR Classics

Top radio station JPR Classics

Top radio station JPR Classics

Top radio station JPR Classics

Top radio station JPR Classics, JPR offers three different listening options. The Rhythm & News Service is dedicated to people with eclectic taste. Think singer/songwriter, jazz, AAA (not the automotive association), rock, reggae, pop, blues,, and world beat. And NPR news.

The Classics & News Service plays, well, classical music. Bach, Beethoven, Brahms and their buddies.

The News & Information Service features 24 hours of smart people talking. Some are British (BBC), others wear glasses (This American Life), and others are Garrison Keillor (A Prairie Home Companion.)

All three program services are available via webstream

JPR is a member of National Public Radio and the Northwest News Network, and is an affiliate of the BBC, Public Radio International, and American Public Media. Adam Danforth’s books are not for everyone; vegetarians in particular will likely take a pass. But he knows animals and how to cut them into meat. He studied slaughtering and butchering at college, and is now a James Beard Award winner for his books on the subject. World famous radio station JPR classics, rock music channel USA,

It’s not just the Internet that encourages anonymous commenting… even The Exchange only requires first names from people who call and email.

So this VENTSday, let’s talk about the effects of anonymous venting.

Our other topic: what circumstances (example: felony conviction) should cost a person her/his right to vote?

Listeners take stage on our weekly VENTSday segment, a chance to vent on a couple of topics in the news–by phone, by email, or through our online survey. We provide the topics, you provide the opinions.

No expertise necessary; just opinions and the ability to express them in a radio-friendly way. We post our weekly survey on one or both of the topics in advance.