A1Hits Radio

A1Hits Radio

A1Hits Radio Information:

A1Hits Radio is surely an On-Line Internet Radio Train station Streaming across America and worldwide On your PC and Out.
There are a great number of internet radio stations around which have been very popular that sound identical. We are doing things a tad differently. Unlike many Hit Audio stations online and commercially that play identical songs all day, Most of us won’t! We have at the least a four hour repeat rule and relying on our system, meaning we don’t repeat identical song in a four hour or more time period. We have a very much greater varied output instead of just hearing the same songs the entire day.
We are a Top 40/Pop station popularly known as a Contemporary Hit Train station. You won’t hear Land, Dubstep, Heavy Rock or even Heavy Urban music. You will hear a fantastic blend of Today’s Visits. To sum things up… Most of us play ALL The Hits that you want to Hear in Hi-d and for free globally.
Sure Pandora, Spotify, along with iHeartRadio all offer new music online, but we’re refreshingly different. A1Hits Radio Features unique programming everyday and has LIVE DJs inside studio making music possibilities, giving you music news and things to talk about. From time to moment, we’ll throw in a number of “live” shout-outs to listeners who message us or register with us via Facebook.

E-mail: radio@a1hitsradio.com

Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is www.a1hitsradio.com
For more live radio online stay with us at www.thefmradio.com


A1Hits Radio Location:

Little Hocking, OH, United States.

Genres: Pop, Rock, Hits.

So… Enjoy the pop songs with A1Hits Radio…..