5FM Information:

5FM has got the magic to attract people, to create a listener base who will come again and again because of the attraction of the Radio Station. 5FM is among those very few Fm radios which has got a great range of genre when it comes to its energetic playlists and this is the nature of the station which attracts most of its listeners. The radio can be heard via Fm radio or by the help of internet world wide. 5FM is a part of SABC group and their values are Conversations and Partnerships; Restoration of human dignity and Building a common future. The group has got other news, culture, sport and educational based sister wings. The radio is popular throughout the hole South Africa region.

Broadcasting From: Africa »South Africa »Johannesburg

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Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is www.5fm.co.za

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5FM Location:

South Africa

Genres: Pop, Talk, Urban, Hip Hop, Dance.

So… Enjoy the songs, be entertained with 5FM…..