Radio Vala Rinore

Radio Vala Rinore

Radio Vala Rinore Information:

Radio Vala Rinore is the best music based radio station of Prishtina. For their particular programming and dedication on social and youth development matters they have become the most listened radio station of Prishtina.

Radio Vala Rinore is definitely an informative, educational and entertainment media with the Kosovar youth.
Our main aim is always to serve the youth and in addition to them try to help make things better understood because when consumers are better informed on the developments on the society, the improvement and progress becomes much easier.
Vala Rinore dedicates special attention to the youth’s needs and problems, so this was precisely why we engaged ourselves in establishing a radio for youth that might dedicate all its programming for many years, but at the similar time the improvement in our civil society through the continuous and dedicated perform and program.

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Slogan: Whenever you go Radio Vala Rinore follows.

Spoken Language: Albanian.


Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is

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Radio Vala Rinore Location:

Pristina, Albania

Genres: Pop, Rock, Top 40, Adult Conyemporary.

So… Enjoy and get informed with Radio Vala Rinore…..