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Cool Blue has a core of Fitness, but part of the philosophy is that it is not confined to that. It also includes elements of R & B, Rock N Roll, Folk, Americana, Cuban and Brazilian, Celtic, European and African music and more. Fitness listen ratio to online

Hearing music this, Non-stop Mandarin Pop. Modern music from the thriving music scenes in Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. Music tends to light rock with melodious dance tracks, geat voices, modern sounds, retro styles & top production, Unique mixture of musical genres; it‚s a very special blend of Chill-Out Lounge,

DownTempo, Dance, Neo-Soul mixed with elements of Fitness, Electronica, Deep House and Latin Grooves.Nancy & Elena produced the radio program ‘Where the Eagle Meets the Condor’ broadcast through KNRY in Monterey, CA for two years.  Their radio journey began by broadcasting the shamanic message, ‘The World is as you Dream it’, You’ve discovered Ride Radio, the home of Radio Rick’s oldies and countdown shows, Deb’s Country Music Mix, as wel as her Christian and oldies shows, Joe’s Joint, the Crock Pot and Paton Place, and Reg’s Good Stuff, with more great new programs to come.