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Luxe Radio

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Luxe Radio brings radio taste, elegance and refinement in Morocco, intends to be the showcase of excellence and the best of Moroccan creation.


Luxe Radio mission is to make the culture of excellence progress and openness to the world.


Luxe Radio offers programming focused primarily on art, fashion and lifestyle. Luxe Radio is shaped up among the most modern and content rich Fm radios across the whole country. Unlike any other general net radios they didn’t plays songs or brings contents which might be less appreciated by their targeted listeners but instead they are know for getting such radio shows, playing songs which might be loved and listened a whole lot by their targeted listeners. They arranges their programs in line with the demand of their listeners and trend in the current musical world. They are notable for best in class radio programs throughout the whole day long around the clock 24/7.

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Broadcasting From: Africa » Morocco » Casablanca >> Agadir.
Spoken Language: French


Founded In: 8 March 2010.
Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is
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Genres: French, Hits, Pop, Variety.

So… Enjoy the hit songs with Luxe Radio…..