XELG La Grande

XELG La Grande

XELG La Grande Information:

XELG La Grande plays those songs which are part of our lives, thanks to those musicians and XELG La Grande fm radio so theat, we can remember certain times and periods of beautiful music. Songs that do not necessarily have to be considered good or bad, even not necessarily deserve to be called transcendental because what one person is a memorable for another could be fleeting or superficial song, all about standards and assessments which depend on many factors. In XELG La Grande case, they want to show a portion of the sound waves that carry in subconscious mind of listeners for over 20 years ( and counting). Before , when people wanted to get songs so “easy” , the only way to get them was doing amateur recordings on disk and tape cassettes provided by the friend or neighbor, or radio programs broadcast locally. There was even before the mid 90 ‘s, domestically , the possibility that people check into some other means recordings. But, now its a little different case with the emerging of Fm radios.

Broadcasting From: North America »Mexico »Guanajuato »León.

Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is www.xelg.net

For more live radio online stay with us at www.thefmradio.com


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Genres: Oldies.

So… Enjoy the golden oldies with XELG La Grande…..