Wai FM Iban

Wai FM Iban

Wai FM Iban Information:

This is Radio Sarawak Wai FM Iban. With serangkap wisdom that filled the air via radio broadcast on June 7, 1954, began broadcasting in Sarawak Wai FM Iban historical moment. Currently almost half a century old, Radio Sarawak has changed its name to Radio Malaysia Sarawak. In addition to providing entertainment, it is also a tool for creating unity among the various races. Establishment of Radio Sarawak aims to provide a platform to educate people and provide entertainment’s no exaggeration to say, as the majority of the state population is still illiterate. Since they can not read, then it is important for the creation of a special channel for them to get information to just listen only. Therefore, the Department of Broadcasting, better known as RTM via Radio Sarawak to assist the government to channel the message that is intended to achieve progress, prosperity and happiness, as well as trying to snuggle and bilateral ties between citizens and government and vice versa.


To turn Wai FM Iban into a major national broadcaster and a world class dynamic Radio.


Publish information and leisure radio and television program which is competitive with the latest technology and meet the tastes of the audience towards achieving the National Vision for a Radio.

Broadcasting From: Malaysia

Spoken Language: Malay

Web site: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is www.rtmsarawak.gov.my.
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Genres: Education, Misc.

So… Enjoy the information and song based shows with Wai FM Iban…..