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Durian ASEAN


Durian ASEAN

Durian ASEAN is an online radio station for discussion of current news and issues around the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN), specifically those that touch on politics, business and social issues and how it impacts on the daily lives of its constituency in South-east Asia.

We analyse politics, economics, socio-cultural, and civil society topics everyday – with an eye for progress towards ASEAN Economic Community 2015 and how our issues will impact the daily lives of the people in ASEAN.

Durian ASEAN gets a lot of mention in the media, news coverage of it is heavily focused on following its summits, annual meetings and high-profile events. This causes majority of the citizens in ASEAN countries have perceptions that Durian ASEAN is not related to them. Most of the citizens in ASEAN countries did not know what’s happening in neighbor Durian  ASEAN countries.

Durian ASEAN features latest and most influential news in ASEAN countries. We create and encourage more space for reporting and analyses of development-related issues within ASEAN. We offer listeners a mix of voices and views around current issues and trends related to ASEAN. Knowing all the information about ASEAN gives the citizens a sense of belongings to ASEAN community. We will also develop more stories of ASEAN that are “bread and butter issues linked to our everyday lives” .This will enhance understanding of listeners towards ASEAN countries and also promotes business development in ASEAN.

Moreover, we serve as a one stop hub for listeners to gain information’s about ASEAN countries. Many foreign countries such as New Zealand and Australia have trading relationship. Therefore, the investors or businessman would be able to know the political, economy and social condition of ASEAN countries through Durian ASEAN.

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