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Radio Bläss

Radio Bläss


Radio Bläss

Radio Bläss is an online radio station, which is operated in the Aiterhofen district of Straubing-Bogen.

About Radio Schwany
The Radio Schwany was founded in January 2011 and sends 365 days a year around the clock in three time slots from the heart of Gäuboden in Aiterhofen
Schwany-1 is the thematic channels here we hear from folk music, pop and traditional folk music the whole range
Schwany-2 Schlager and oldies radio 24 hours Schlager and oldies by Flippers to Claudia Jung

Schwany-3 The real folk music here is the name of the program with the motto “Urig through the day” there are here 24 hours a Stub`nmusi, real folk music and brass bands.

Schwany 3 may also be referred to as an exception channels as there are few Radio`s are in German-speaking countries devote the real folk music.

Schwany-4 Brass Band “Today there playing brass music” and that 24 hours of the finest brass music

Schwany-5 Oberkrainer Radio

Schwany-6 Radio Oldies, Instrumental; Pop the 80s and 90s

Schwany 7 fairy tales and children’s radio daily from 8 am to 21 ° ° clock from 21 ° ° clock Country Music

The broadcast studio 1 is a basement room in the house of the initiator Markus Schwanberger in Aiterhofen, since August is also sent from the studio 2 in Heide Schleswig Holstein. Midweek the moderators Markus Schwanberger and Gerde Siehl are several hours on Sendung. Schwerpunktsendungen e.g. Sundays listeners charts of 15 °°, 18 °° or chats from Sendestudiol in this show are new CDs we presented plauderen with artists. Radio Schwany may include not only listeners from the region to his listeners. Even Canadians, Austrians, Swiss, Norwegians and French to hear. Especially popular is Schwany 3 pleased with the listeners in the US, South America and South Africa.

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