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On popkiste You hear radio with heart. No cold computer rotations, but by DJs lovingly handpicked music programs. From children’s songs to death metal from indie pop to classical music; and more between German hip hop, jazz, reggae, house, dubstep and folk music, as you can imagine. Yes, even 80s. For every musical taste. Flushing ‘in your favorite genre or search for bands that you like. We find the right station for you. There you can listen, contact the DJ to their hearts content, browse the network u.v.m. be received with any Internet computer. And of course, with Internet phones such as the iPhone, Wi-Fi enabled MP3 players like the iPod Touch or WiFi kitchen radio as the NOXON iRadio.

And if you do not like the program: Do it better! is participatory Radio 2.0: Easy as DJ advertise and you get your own channel on! selecting music from the big pool, own songs, posts or jingles upload, compile the program and go on the air!