Jam FM

Jam FM

Jam FM Information:

Jam FM plays music that moves you along with your friends. Jam FM plays the most listened Black and dance hits from Germany on occasion and everyday. With us you get the best song for celebration, dance and departure. They may be the best jam radio stations of Berlin and of Germany with a wide number of Hip Hop and Funk tunes. Keep in touch with Jam fm and get in tuned with the most exciting radio station of Berlin all day long, anytime you may desire.

Social Links: Facebook, Instagram.

Broadcasting From: Berlin, Germany.

Spoken Language: German.

Hotline: +49 (0) 30 80 69 20 516

E-Mail: martin.babikir@jamfm.de

Contact: At the Kleiner Wannsee 514109 Berlin, Germany.

Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is www.jam.fm

For more live radio online stay with us at www.thefmradio.com


Jam FM Location:


Genres: Hip Hop, Funk.

So… Enjoy the exciting songs with Jam FM…..