Antenne Bayern Top 40

Antenne Bayern Top 40

Antenne Bayern Top 40 Information:

Antenne Bayern Top 40 is a very popular Top 40 radio station that plays nothing else but only the hit songs by popular singers of Germany and from international hits. Here at the Antenne Bayern Top 40 listeners can enjoy top 40 charts of German and international music. To make their listeners always up to date with modern radio programs and top chart songs the station is always up to date with their playlists too.

Broadcasting From: Ismaning, Bayern, Germany.
Spoken Language: German.


Phone: +49 89 99277283
Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is
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Antenne Bayern Top 40 Location:

Münchener Str. 101c
85737 Ismaning.

Genres: Pop, Top 40.

So… Enjoy the pop songs with Antenne Bayern Top 40…..