Frequence 3

Frequence 3

Frequence 3 Information:

Frequence 3 is providing good and quality music through internet to its home and worldwide listeners Since it beginning from 15 April 2001 to now onward. Frequence 3 has got a professional and passionate team of good Rj’s who presents their listeners with exciting playlists of Urban, Hits, Pop, Rock and other shows theme to provide all in one entertainment info to their listeners. Many guests like popular media presenters, radio artist comes to the station each week for some of the best entertaining media gossip and more.

Social Links: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, DailyMotion.

Broadcasting From: Paris, France.

Spoken Language: French


Founded In: 15 April 2001.

Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is

For more live radio online stay with us at


Frequence 3 Location:

Fréquence 3 15 rue des Ribains 37300 Joué-lès-Tours

Genres: Top 40, Pop, Electronic and Dance.

So… Enjoy the pop songs with Frequence 3…..