Top ten radio finland Jarviradio

Top ten radio finland Jarviradio

Top ten radio finland JarviradioTop ten radio finland Jarviradio

Top ten radio finland Jarviradio, Programmer Manager , Markka Mäenpää is one of the founders of the radio . Markka’s job description also includes the program manager and the CEO’s duties mm . advertising sales , KTV installations and general ” technical troubles ” . Markka is a tireless idea for the film , which comes up with new stuff all the time . Oneself also certain ” Heartbeats ” features. Contemporary cell phone rings almost constantly. Top ten radio finland Jarviradio

The lake belongs to Radio 9.3 . From Anvia cable television networks in several locations at a frequency of 92.7 MHz . This frequency applies Anvia cable networks in the following locations : Vaasa , Seinäjoki, Kokkola , Ilmajoki , Isokyrö , Jalasjärvi , Kaskinen , Kauhava , Korsnäs , Kruunupyy , Kurikka Laihia , Lapua , Maalahti , Mustasaari , Pedersöre , Vöyri and Ähtäri ( Moksunniemi ) .

The lake now belongs to Radio frequency 107.4 MHz in Oulu and Riihimäki frequency of 104.9 MHz . Top ten radio finland Jarviradio

NEW transmission frequencies have been introduced: Savonlinna 89.6 MHz and 102.9 MHz Salo . Welcome to your hearing !

CAUTION MOBILE ! Lake Mikkeli radio transmission frequency changed from 15.12.2015 ! The new frequency is 97.6 MHz. This frequency is the output of the country’s largest local radio ( 6000 W )