Mundo Livre FM

Mundo Livre FM

Mundo Livre FM Information:

Mundo Livre FM is a radio that was born with the mission to play music in the best quality. A station that appreciates classic rock , featuring the great sounds of the 60s , 70 , 80 and 90.
A Free World can not stop, and to accompany this constant movement , the programming of Mundo Livre is tuned in this super new trends and big hits that are bursting at the main and alternative radio around the planet vehicles. The Free World appreciates the local culture and is the station that most promotes national and international concerts in Curitiba .

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Spoken Language: Portuguese

Founded In: 2009.

Website Address: For playlist and more info of the station the official website address is
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Mundo Livre FM Location:

Maringa, PR, Brazil.

Genres: Adult Contemporary, Rock.

So… Enjoy the songs with Mundo Livre FM…..