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Radio Coran

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Radio Coran is a multimedia approach to the beautiful intention of promoting the most beautiful religion of the world Islam. As Islam is the fastest growing religion of the world and the only religion which is the way to the blessings and mercy of Allah, Radio Coran is committed to spread the message of the most peaceful religion of the world. Islam teaches us the way to Allah, the way that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed to us and the only way for a human being to be a good human. Radio Coran arranges Islamic talk shows attended by some of the most famous Islamic figures of the country which helps ordinary people to better understand this religion of peace. Get connected with Radio Coran and get connected with Islamic community and Islamic knowledge. If you wants to more and more about Islam and want to enjoy listening to the beautiful Quran, then this the station you should be in.

Broadcasting From: Algiers, Algeria.

Spoken Language: Arabic


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Genres: Islamic.

So… Enjoy the Islamic programs with Radio Coran…..