Radio Zindagi

Radio Zindagi

Radio Zindagi

One of The Best Radio Station which is stream from San Francisco. Radio Zindagi..1550AM…Jiye Ja! Desi Radio Station San Francisco – Bay Area. Listen to Hindi Music Online for Free.. Bollywood Gossips..New Songs


Best Rj list of radio zindagi:


  • Date of birth: May 1
  • Interests and hobbies: I sing , I Dance , I Eat , I Play, I care , I Love, I Swim , I Cook, I do everything that I am willing to.
  • What does ‘Jiye Ja’ mean to you: No Jiye Ja, No RJ Sahithi
  • Song that defines you: I am a bit of everything – Meredith Brooks
  • Most used phrase on your show: “Mitta madhyanam mentalism”
  • Name of your show: Adhire Aadhivaram

Ankita Arya:

  • Date of birth: September 19
  • Interests and hobbies: Playing piano, singing, swimming
  • What does ‘Jiye Ja’ mean to you: Never regret your decisions in life stay positive, keep smiling and enjoy your life come what may
  • Song that defines you: I am the best
  • Most used phrase on your show: “Stay glued and do not swop the frequency”
  • Name of the show: Dhyan Hata Challan Kata


  • Date of Birth: December 22
  • Interests and Hobbies: Radio, Photography, Rapping, Gossip, Backbiting
  • What does ‘Jiye Ja’ mean to you: Kaisi Bhi Haalat Ho, Bas Tu Jiye Jaa. Be Positive.
  • Song that defines you: Desi-Kalakar
  • Most used phrase on your show: “SU SWAGTAM vanakkam BECKHAM, PEACE, YEAHHH”
  • Name of your show: CKNG – Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi


Note: If you can’t hear radio. please visit their direct link